What to look for when using influencers

How do you know you’re getting a good return when it comes to influencer marketing?

Here are the top three objectives that brands need to have in mind when assessing influencer marketing campaigns:


This is the most common reason brands value BeInfluence. For 10€, not only do you get the reach and engagement from a nano influencer’s post, but you also get the talent and originality of his picture. 

Plus, you can repost that pic for free on the same platform it’s published on. Got bigger ideas? If you want to use it in additional advertising, you can purchase the content rights through BeInfluence !

Before you even assess nano influencer engagement or reach, it’s important to compare the content with what it would cost in time and money to set all those scenes up professionally.

And remember, with Influencer Generated Content you've found a more authentic way to turn your existing customers into your content creators. 

And who better to create advertising your customers will love, than your customers themselves?

Win / Win.


The Engagement rate is THE key metric in influencer marketing. It is defined as the number of likes, comments, shares and clicks that a post receives divided by the number of people who have seen the post. The Engagement rate is closely correlated with two factors: the quality of the post and picture, the fit between the influencer and the product advertised and, most importantly, the authenticity of the overall message. If an influencer's community feels that the message is not authentic and that money is the primary factor for a collab, it will punish the influencer by not engaging with the post, or worse, engaging negatively !

Now, let's explore engagement on Facebook as this makes up the majority of campaigns with BeInfluence (but Instagram is growing fast!). The higher the organic reach, the greater the level of engagement and the more nano influencer ROI (return on investment) you get.

The smaller the following, the higher the engagement !

As you can see the smaller the social account, the higher the level of organic engagement. The trade-off is always reach (combined followers) vs engagement. A smaller reach means that you have only people you know and trust in your network, thus the authenticity of the messages and interactions is at its highest !

Most BeInfluence campaigns generate 10-14% engagement rate ! 


Many brands see reach as a valuable metric for "apples for apples" comparison across traditional media. With influencer marketing, and even more so with nano influencers, reach is not the best thing to focus on. Firstly because reach without engagement is useless. And secondly because today, more and more influencers are buying fake followers. BeInfluence tackles the two problems thanks to its constant focus on authenticity and use of nano influencers.

Nonetheless, a huge organic reach can be achieved by using more nano influencers for a campaign ! With that, you'll have the reach of a tradionnal campaign coupled with the engagement rate of BeInfluence.

Win / Win (again!)

Be careful not to measure the value of a submission on followers alone. The most important metrics of success is the quality of the content that can be amplified through other channels and the engagements generated by the contents !

Now that you know what to look for when using influencers and nano influencers, come visit for more infos or send us a quick message to start your nano influencer campaign with BeInfluence !